Dryer Vent Services

 Dryer Vent Cleaning- Our service professional will clean your dryer vent whether they come through the foundation, the side of your house or thru the roof. Today cleaning your dryer lint filter isn't enough. Lint, moisture, and heat combined to form a buildup inside the wall of the ducting that typical vacuum style cleaning cannot dislodge. Our rotating brush system will dislodge obstructions, buildup, or foreign objects. 

Dryer Vent Repair Services- We can reroute the dryer venting for optimal airflow, replace hoses, and install bird guards on request. Besides the dryer side buildup inside your vents, other factors like open vents that permit the building of bird nests or the accumulation of line fine screening over the vent exits can also cause blockage if not addressed. These situations can all reduce airflow leading to higher utility bills, damage to your dryer, and dryer vent fires that could cause you to lose your home.

Lint build up inside the dryer vent

Over time dryer lint will build up in the vent system of the dryer even though you clean the filter