Our Chimney Services

Chimney Services

Chimney Inspections-One of our chimney sweep professional will inspect your fireplace and chimney from top to bottom and report our findings back to you and will make recommendations that will restore your fireplace to safe, normal use. We take extra care to keep your home clean during the process and we leave it that way.

Sweeping (Cleaning) & Inspections-  Our cleaning includes an inspection of your firebox and chimney to detect any wear and tear that could occur making your fireplace unsafe to use. Our goal is to eliminate soot, creosote, and glaze that can build up over time and lead to fires. We carefully remove any significant accumulation to ensure your fireplace is safe to use.

Chimney/Fireplace Repairs- Our experienced chimney techs can repair any mechanical issues with your fireplace, like the operation of the damper. Dangerous structural issues including cracked or failing chases or flues and rebuilds for older fireplaces are some of the repairs we can handle to give you peace of mind when using your fireplace.

Dirty or Damaged chimneys and fireplaces can cause damages like this or worse.

The cause of not having your fireplace inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep